Are You Wondering How Past Life Regression Works?

Are you wondering how past life regression works? Past life regression is the process of going back and looking at your previous lives to find out who you were, where you lived, what your life was like and what issues you dealt with back then that might be affecting you now. Many people wonder does past life regression work? In fact past life regression can be a very accurate way of dealing with your present issues by finding out if there is anything in your past that is causing them.

How does past life regression work?

By now you’re probably wondering how past life regression works. The heart of past life regression is finding a way to travel back and look at your past lives, the times and places your soul was incarnated before you started this life. Luckily you don’t need a time machine to travel back and look at your past! Past life regression is often performed by using hypnosis, a trance state in which you can relax and access their subconscious mind and the past life memories that they aren’t aware of in your everyday lives.

Skilled psychics can also take a look into your past lives by using psychic tools such as connecting with spirit or guides and angels, performing palmistry, psychic readings, or using divination tools such as tarot, runes or I ching. These methods can be used to read your energy field and tune in to the past life information contained in it, offering insights into the past.

What can I learn from past life regression?

Past Life Regression

Having a past life regression allows you to call up information about who you were in other lives, and any issues you may have faced, such as:

  • Your relationships and friendships, both good and bad
  • Whether or not you had children and what your relationships with them were like
  • Places you lived and places you had particularly good or bad experiences
  • Your ambitions, callings and career paths
  • Any vows you may have taken
  • Accidents, illnesses, or the cause of death

All of this information can help you to understand your present, which is one of the beauties of how past life regression works. Issues from our past lives can and do carry over into our present lives, and having a past life regression can shed a lot of light on those issues. Knowing what happened in the past can bring a lot more clarity into the present, such as:

  • Understanding why you have specific relationship issues
  • Knowing why you’ve always felt drawn to that specific place
  • Getting insight into why you’ve always had a particular ambition or passion
  • Unlocking the keys to fears or phobias that seemed nonsensical before

If you’re wondering, does past life regression work, the answer is absolutely yes. Past life regression can help you to understand much more about your soul’s journey and even your life purpose. Having a past life regression is a wonderful way to make your present clear and your future bright.

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