Discovering Your Past Life

Can Free Past Life Readings Answer “Who was I in My Past Life”?

Who was I in My Past Life? There are many ways to help you find out the mystery you’ve been curious for years, mainly categorized as hypnotic and non-hypnotic techniques. Even though some people think of these methods as delusions or a type of confabulation, the astrologers have proven that there’s a deeper invasive hypnosis technique used to recover memories of incarnations or past lives, known as ‘Past Life Regression’. It’s typically undertaken either in a psychotherapeutic setting or in pursuit of a spiritual experience.

The technique used during past life regression includes the subject answering a series of questions while being hypnotized to reveal a person’s identity and events of their alleged past life. It’s normally used in recovered memory therapy as well as misrepresented memory as a faithful recording of previous events. The source of memories is likely confabulations and cryptomnesia combining knowledge, experiences, imagination, suggestion, and guidance from the hypnosis. The memories during PLR session have been investigated and revealed accurately through a basic knowledge of history and elements of culture.

How Can You Learn about Your Past Life?

Discovering Your Past Life

The Free Past Life Readings are purely based on a lighter non-invasive, non-hypnotic technique that is provided by genuine psychics. They will gain a deep look into your soul and discover who you actually were in the last life, then, they will reveal everything in detail to you. Do you crave to figure out? Interestingly, perhaps you were a king or queen in the past. Sometimes, the information in your past life can tell who you are today. Maybe your role model could have been you 100 years ago (nothing is impossible).

By taking the Past Life Readings, you will know exactly who you are:

  • Determining your past life
  • Telling who you are
  • Showing who you were
  • Were you famous or poor?
  • Were you talented or just a loser?
  • Did people admire you or despise you?

Besides, you can use astrology as an efficient support to find out the answers for your curiosity. For those who don’t know, the natal chart (or horoscope) will give you a snapshot of the stars and planets, the heavens, as well as the sun and moon in unique positions at the moment of time when you were born. An individual’s place of birth and time of birth have a strong relation for each other – they both give a map for humans’ life. The position that the planers are being distributed around your chart’s cycle is seen as a series of signposts to you, your destiny, and your personality.

To understand your past life, you must understand the Moon’s nodes, the 12th House, Houses of the ‘Karmic Planets’ – Saturn – Uranus – Neptune – and Pluto, sign and house placement of each element. The information will give you ideas on how and in what phase of your lives the karma is being worked out right at this moment.

If you want to find the exact answer for the “Who was I in My Past Life” question, please leave the date when you were born in the present life in the box below.

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