Discover the Means on How to Know Past Life from Astrology

Some believed that people are reincarnated and that they have lived their lives as distinct ones before. You might be thinking about your past existence, but there is certainly a part of yourself that refuses to believe. Though this might sound weird, there are astrologers who claimed that past life really do exist but how are you know that this is true.

How to know past life from Astrology is quite challenging because you are going to need reliable and comprehensive resources. If you like to determine the ways on how to know past life from Astrology, you can consider the following:

Tarot Cards

Many rely on cards when looking for answers and explanations about Karma and past life. A good Tarot reader can provide clear answers and their experience in Tarot card reading can help you comprehend things a lot better.


Discover the Means on How to Know Past Life from Astrology

This is the art of looking on texture and shape of one’s hand to reveal lifestyle, health, wealth, dreams and more. Though past life and Karmic palmistry are not done by palm reader there are still some who are expert on these. The depth and expression of one’s hand can tell status of married life and relationships. If you are in need of helpful way on how to know past life from astrology, learning the fundamentals of palmistry is a beneficial option.

Astrology Chart

In Astrology, this chart involves intuition. The readings about past life depend on the belief and methods used by Astrologers. Past lives may be generally viewed on the natal chart, zodiac signs and planetary position, nodes, age, and more. Astrology chart is usually linked with Vedic Astrology however, there are known Western astrologers who use karmic and past life astrology.

Guided Meditation

Another way on how to know past life from Astrology is through guided meditation. This is a known way of obtaining information about past lives. This activity is facilitated with the guidance of hypnotist and therapist during the time that the mind is subconscious. Guided meditation have been recorded and featured on television many times. This method has also been around for centuries but was originally practiced in the Western Regions.

There are several means on how to know past life from astrology but the astrological chart has been the commonly used method. If you have been one of the many people wondering about their past lives and cannot afford expensive past life readings, you can rely on astrological charts. These charts contain all most of the essential details and information you need in order to determine if you have been in past incarnations. In order for these chart to generate information, you need to be familiar with sign symbols and planets.

Once you have generated the astrology chart successfully, your task then is to determine symbols and find out what these signs and symbols represent. The answers will somehow give you ideas about past lives. People might now living in a modern age, but undeniably there are still some who are interested to know if they have already existed in the past.

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