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Do you find that no matter what you do in your life, certain things seem to be stuck? Perhaps you have trouble finding the right mate for you, or your career never seems to go the way you want it to? Do you have recurring issues with phobias or fears that seem to have no cause? Maybe you have noticed a recurring pattern in your life and are thinking about how to clear it, or how to attract better things into your life in the future. In all of these cases and more, a free past life reading might be just what you need.

Perhaps you have a passion that you cannot explain, a powerful draw towards a career, field of study, or specific place, or even a deep curiosity about past lives. Whatever the case, a professional psychic can use their skills to help you uncover your past lives.

When The Past Becomes The Present
Free Past Life Reading Online

We all know how easy it is to let the past affect the present. That’s where we get the phrase “once bitten twice shy” – if something doesn’t work out well, you may well be nervous about trying it again. Or perhaps you feel unlucky in love and don’t want to give relationships a chance.

Imagine how much more powerful issues from other lives can be! Many souls choose to incarnate not just once but many, many times. It’s easy to think that past lives can’t affect the present, but in fact they can. A vow of poverty in a past life could lead to money troubles in this life, or guilt and fear from another life can make you afraid to act today. Sometimes the things that affect us from past lives can be very subtle, and that’s where a past life regression can help you to see them.

Of course, there is another side to past lives. Your past lives can also gift you with talents and intuitive knowledge that can help you in this life. Understanding your past lives with a past life reading can help you to see what matters to you in this life. Perhaps you have a carry over passion or field of expertise, something you’ve always been interested in but not quite understood why. Maybe your soul wants to take the next step on the journey it started in another time and place.

Getting Clarity About Your Past Lives

A past lives tarot reading will help you to figure out if something from another time and place is impacting your life today. With a free past life reading, you can start your journey towards getting the support and clarity you need to change the way your past affects your present and future. When you have a free past lives reading with Oranum, you are assured of a high quality reading from one of our professional world class psychics.

We take your trust in us very seriously which is why we offer a free past life reading to help you explore how our psychics can help you, before you commit to a full private reading. The past can provide the keys to the present, so connect with our psychics today to find out what your past is trying to tell you.

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  1. Hi!

    How to arrange a free past life reading for me?
    I do Past Life Regressions Hypno-Sessions, but I still can’t do my own Hypno-session.

    I’m interested on knowing the karmic relationships with certain individuals in my life, and of course, we can trade services!

    Thank you!

  2. Actually i intimated my boyfriend after 5years of rltnshp we both are loved each other but he have so
    Many fight in every month that’s is not a big issue but i think that creates a difference our rltnshp and
    IN age we have a difference of 5 years and biggest prblms is my parents never accept our rltnshp and
    My parents hate him very much
    I didn’t know what can i do
    Sometime i feel that last option is sucide only becoe i can’t left my parents for him. I love my dad very
    Much he can’t live without me if i choose my boyfrnd dev, my dad has a sugar prblm
    Plz if u read this msg plz help me i suffering from msny prblms
    This is my n.o plz call me

  3. Hi. I am here to learn of my past lives. I am an old soul. I feel it. And in this life I am going through so much. Abuse, abandonment, bullying and I have no great luck. I’m so grateful for the small things like my sister and making $30 here and there online, but I need work and I just can’t seem to get hired. I was lucky to be born even. I have Turner’s syndrome. That makes me very short and I look very young. I am strong and capable like every one else. I just need a break. I want my independence. I think a past life reading would help me understand things about myself. Thanks.

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