Past Life Astrology Chart

How to Read Your Astrology Past Life Chart for FREE Online?

By looking at your astrology chart, you’re able to learn more about yourself. Besides everything you yearn to know like whether you attain the best life in the future, it also show you details for your karma and past life. This is an advanced subject so you do have to get help from the professional astrologer. Ask for a genuine explanation from your “Astrology Past Life Chart” to gain deep clarity into life.

Basically, your horoscope based on time and date of birth is divided into 12 equal segments called ‘houses’. Each house indicates an aspect of life of a person, such as money and security, self-image and will, home and family, friends and communication, health and duty, secrets, partners and committed relationships, education and spiritual attitudes, public image and goals, social life, karma and hidden things. And amazingly, ‘karmic astrology’ works by analyzing key points in your birth chart. Keep track of the following to find out which main aspects an astrologer will look for.

Knowing Your Past Life by Reading Astrology Chart

Past Life Astrology Chart

When having astrology past life reading, the reader will look at your ascendant, 12th House, and descendant as well. If you feel like that you have a special connection with someone you just met, the astrologer will help you compare that person’s chart against yours. Once there are significant aspects between both charts, you can understand that you two have encountered each other before (maybe in your past life).

The 1st House represents your ascendant (the basic of the chart reading for current life). However, in past life horoscope, in case the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the birth time, the ascendant will be the sign on the cusp of the 12th House. Also, rather than the counterclockwise conventional way, you need to count the past life birth chart clockwise. What does that mean? Let’s put things simply – since the 12th House becomes the ascendant, the sign on the cusp of the 11th House now will turn into the 2nd House and so on (on the chart wheel). Though your planets still remain in the same sign placements, the planets are in different houses.

You’ll find that: Your current Moon sign is your past ascendant sign
Your current ascendant sign is your past Sun sign
Your current Sun sign is your future ascendant sign

How does past life regression work? In a PLR session, you can actually experience the details of your past life. You’re there feeling your environment, clothes, as well as relationships you encounter. But, depending on how the session progress, you may want to get the interpretation for the meaning and influence that the past life affects on your present life. By analyzing your past life based on the astrological chart (PLA), you can easily discover your life themes, life purpose, what karma was left unfinished, soul issues, and what karma you have decided to work in your current life.

If you want a complete report of who you are and what experiences have created who you are, we highly recommend you to take both a past life regression session and a session with a past life astrologer.

With the “Astrology Past Life Chart” , you can attain clarity from your past life into the current life. Get ready to explore the great journey in the incarnation?

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