Does Past Life Regression Work?

How True is Past Life Regression – What You Need to Know about It?

As you may know, one of the most controversial techniques used in hypnotherapy field is the ‘PLR’ (also known as Past Life Regression) method. Put it simply, this technique’s purpose is to take one into their past life by using the process of hypnosis. Depend on each person’s personality traits, conditioning, and belief systems, they will experience the process differently. So, the question is – “How True is Past Life Regression“? Why do you need to receive the regression? Let’s find out the detail here:

Are past lives real? Does everyone have past lives? Believe or not, every person has a memory from somewhere at sometime besides this lifetime. How do you know if you’d had a past life? Why don’t you ask yourself about it? Think carefully…do you feel familiar with any specific place like you had lived there before? Discovering your past lives is the best way to understand who you truly are. It enables you to heal the present through the past as well as attain great inner peace. Get ready to recall all the scenes, feelings, and memories from previous lifetime?

Do You Believe in Past Life Regression?

Does Past Life Regression Work?

Are the memories really from the past lives? Is the therapeutic intervention useful? To the person who experiences the regression, everything seems to be real in detail. Yet, according to psychological studies, it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between a real memory and the one that’s a product of imagination or other process. Simply put, you could experience both true memories and false memories (caused by experiences from current life).

How to remember your past life? Visit a legitimate therapist and ask him (her) for a past life regression. Is it safe to do the regression? At first, you must make sure doing your past life is to your highest good and you are prepared to finish what you start. The professional has to explain the whole session carefully to you. Make sure to be comfortable in your comfortable before beginning – sometimes, you may want to check if the scared feelings are yours…if not, they could belong to your last life. Significantly, what do you need to know about your past life? Anything you want or can think of – bear in mind that ‘you in the past’ has specific personalities and ‘the old you’ has the right not to answer your questions.

Can you tell the difference between “past life regression” and “past life regression therapy”? During the regression, you can go back and REVIEW your past lives. But with the therapy session, you will go back and HEAL your problems in the previous lifetime. In this case, we advise you to take the past life regression therapy if you have any past life that needs to be healed. Are you able to perform the past life regression on your own? Meditation is the perfect option that helps you get information or memories; also, you can take a sleep and have a dream after relaxing your mind.

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