Learn Your Own Past Life Regression Stories For A Brighter Future

Would you like to understand more about your present, and how to create a better future? If you’re wondering about any of the following:

  • Why relationships seem to be difficult
  • How you can fulfill your dreams and passions
  • Your love for certain places and professions
  • Fears and phobias that are making your life difficult
  • Nightmares or night terrors and what they mean

Past life regression might just be for you. There are many past life regression stories that show past life regression as a valuable tool that can make a big difference in your life here and now today. Learning about who and what you were in past lives is a fascinating experience and some of the true past life regression stories that come out of it demonstrate that learning about past lives is an important healing and self development tool.

How our past affects our present

How Past Life Regression Works

There are many true past life regression stories that show how much our past lives can affect our present. The value of past life regressions stories came to the fore this year when Oprah featured past life regression on her show, through the work of Dr Brian Weiss who is an expert in past life regression and its application to every day life. Dr Weiss demonstrated his techniques of past life regression and how they could be used to help people deal with the fears and blocks that were holding them back. Viewers were treated to several true past life regression stories, such as a woman with a phobia of dolls who was healed of her fears using past life regression, and a long term night terror sufferer who slept much better after a past life regression session.

How can past life regression help?

Past life regressions stories show that past life regression helps by bringing to light information from our previous incarnations. This information is often very illuminating, explaining why we are facing the issues we are currently facing. For example, you may find that you took a vow of poverty in a previous life, and have trouble attracting money even to this day. Or you may learn that you had a calling to help people in a past life, which explains your calling to healing modalities in your current life.

Learning more about your own past life regression stories can help you to clear blocks that have been bothering you in this life. Realizing that an issue comes from a past life is a powerful thing, allowing you to face and deal with those old fears, leaving your present life clearer. Past life work can be very healing, leaving you feeling lighter and freer, and ready to tackle your present and your future with joy and a spirit of adventure.

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