Past Life Regression And Past Life Readings

Past Life Regression

Past life regression has been around since the 1950s when it was developed by psychiatrists, mediums, and psychologists. Past life regression allows you to, while under hypnosis, delve into your past life or lives. It is a form of discovering incarnations, finding out about who or what you were before becoming who you are now. It requires that you be hypnotized (usually by a registered hypnotist or a therapist) in order to explore your subconscious mind, doing away with inhibition and anxiety. It is a spiritual journey. One for which you must not be a skeptic. You must have an earnest desire to know about your past lives, no matter what your resultant knowledge might be.

Past life regression is realized when many people tell stories of events and past lives they could never have possibly known about, that they have dreampt about, or that they have experienced. For many, these past life events are experienced while under the influence of drugs (whether illicit or legal) or anesthetics. It is these types of stories, when heard or read about, which make many believe in past lives. Past life regression is a form of personal therapy. Memories created under hypnosis are suppose to be much more vivid than memories from the conscious mind. In our western cultures, hypnosis and practitioner’s suggestion bring to light realities of our past for our present understanding.

Past Life Readings
Past Life Regression And Past Life Readings

Psychics, telepathics, or clairvoyants, however you know them, are visionaries. They can read into and interpret your past, evaluate your present life’s situations and events, and see into your near or distant future. Past life readings however, deal with reincarnation as a focal point of therapy. These visionaries want to help you solve the mysteries of your past, your past lives, and help you relate this knowledge to your present and future, or even your other pasts.

Many people find that when they have the answers to long time, troubling questions, they are helping themselves to heal, to move forward into the future. These people seek the assistance of a past life reader to accomplish these tasks. Past life readings unlike past life regresssion, are not done under hypnosis. The reader simply looks into your past themselves while you are conscious and able to take in information. You guide the reader with any questions you may have that need to be answered about your past. Many people are simply looking for clarity, truth, wisdom, or just love from the reader. What they might receive may be troubling as well. But it will be the truth.

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