Past Life Reincarnation Stories

Past Life Regression Stories – Could You Have Ever Lived Before?

Real “Past Life Regression Stories” help exploring the experiences of real people in real situations. Some psychotherapists have studied the consequences of past life experiences on the present and the power of unfinished business. In life, there are certain times when you feel like you have been somewhere before or familiar with someone without having met them before. Is this a strange experience of deja-vu or just a coincidence? Keep track of the following for more details:

What will you react if witnessing an individual saying they remember exactly details about another person and places which they have never interacted to, maybe they can even speak a language that they’ve not learnt yet? Others claim they have had experiences in the past lives. Research has been done to help figuring out whether there is validity to the experiences. However, there are some instances that science can’t even explain…what could it be? It’s time to discover the memories of your past life, as you wish.

Reincarnation and What to Know?

Past Life Reincarnation Stories

It’s important to take a look at what reincarnation is mainly about. Most people often mistake this concept with past life regression (PLR) or past life memories. In fact, the definition of reincarnation is – the rebirth of a soul into another vessel. Those who strongly believe in reincarnation affirm that body and mind of a person are two separate entities. Thus, there’s an idea that when someone dies, their mind does not die; instead, it (called the spirit) will leave the body and continue its journey in another life.

Past life experiences in children: there have been many numerous cases of children who spontaneously remember their past lives; we bet you’ve heard about this before. Are these rumors real or just made up? According to Dr. Stevenson, who studied over 2,500 cases of children that reported past life memories, the number of cases that could be objectively validated is about 1,200. His study process took place in where reincarnation was a dominant belief, such as Asia, India, etc. From his 40 years of research, he identified 7 common features to past life memories of children:

  • The child remembers every detail of his (her) death from a past life
  • The child starts describing a past life experience right after he (she) begins to communicate
  • There is continuity in the preferences, habits, and personality traits across the incarnations
  • The physical appearance (esp. facial features) is similar between past and current lifetime
  • The child’s past family is eventually identified
  • Reincarnation helps renewing familiar relationships
  • 90% of the time gender also remains the same

These features, as Stevenson stated, were only evidence, not proof. Bear in mind that ‘real’ past life stories are not always revealing or exciting. Your previous incarnation might have gone through tragedies or something terrible. Of course, past life experiences will leave you with more questions and confusions than answers. You can learn past life stories for a brighter future; however, it’s important to remember NOT to obsess over the past…just simply enjoy what you’re able to learn.

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