Past Life Regression Stories

Past Life Regression Stories

Past life regression stories have become common among many people. This is a means of therapy and experimental technique. However, it contains a scientific credibility when reincarnation is proven to have scientifically existed. Although existence of reincarnation may not be a scientific truth, former studies have indicated that reincarnation values acknowledgment mainly as a scientific hypothesis. This may be confirmed and falsified by means of scientific investigation. Due to this reason, the field studies of Doctor Ian Stevenson are greatly important. Any particular idea with clinical usefulness has its clinical validity.

One of the past life regression stories is about Bridey Murphy and his case. This is mainly considered as a significant historical case. In the twentieth century, a businessman in Colorado was known to practice hypnotism for about ten years. He was Morey Bernstein who talked to different persons. He chose Virginia Tighe for the past life regression because she had more ability of getting into a deeper trance with convenience.

Past Life Regression Stories

Between the years of November 1952 to August 1953, Morey completed six attempts for regression with Virginia. Throughout those sessions, she was able to recall a life of a baby who unluckily, died. Afterwards, there appeared the figure named Bridey Murphy. Bride Murphy is formally known as Bridget Kathleen Murphy.

With her experience being Bridey, she mutated into her altered ego when she is invited in the trance state. She gave out brief information about the country of Ireland; she said that she was born in 1978, in Cork. She was the daughter of Kathleen and Duncan Murphy; the latter as a Protestant barrister. She also had his own brother Duncan Blaine Murphy who married his wife named Aimee Strayne.

Another good brother of hers died at birth; at her age of twenty, she got married with Brian Joseph McCarthy, a catholic. Her husband was a son of Cork barrister. Bridey and Brian transferred to Belfast; where he even attended school and progressed in teaching law in the University of the Queen. They both lived without children; they reached the age of sixty-six.

Although there are no records about these facts in Ireland, there are Belfast grocers who are mentioned, John and Farr’s Carrigan. It significantly proved that the two grocers of the same names operated and managed their retail enterprises around the city at the time.

Apart from it, she also said that her own address was called as The Meadows. It was then established that in the area; there is a person who lived with the name of Mardike Meadows.

Queen’s University is a reputable educational establishment in Ireland. Virginia also had spoken unclear words like buried, linen, ditched and “lough” that are being used in the country of Ireland. Reliable hypnotists claimed that the story is reliable and true.

Actually, there are still past life regression stories that flash back the lives of people. Stories about regression are good to hear as the details are somehow relevant in the previous life. That is why many who are searching for answers rely on this.

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