Past Life Regression

Spirit Therapy – What is Past Life Regression and How Does it Work?

As an immortal soul living a human life, it’s always fascinating to discover your past life and understand who you truly are. What you experienced in the past will bring great inner peace to you and enable you to heal the present. How to access to a person’s last life? According to professional psychologists, there’s an efficient method that can help recalling moments in the past called ‘Past Life Regression’. Have you heard about it before? So, “What is Past Life Regression“? This brief article will give you a basic overview of this spiritual therapy.

Past life regression (PLR), also known as Quantum Healing Technique, is the alleged journey into one’s past life to learn more about the root cause of issues which are holding them back recently as well as allow them to release themselves from all those issues. The hypnotizing process will recall scenes, feelings, and memories from another lifetime that a person has lived before. However, it’s highly probable that the memories in some cases are ‘false memories’ – they are from the experiences in this life, pure products of humans’ imagination, or intentional (unintentional) suggestions from the hypnotists.

What Do You Know about ‘Past Life Regression Therapy’?

Past Life Regression

Sometimes, you may have spontaneous flashbacks during the waking state. This is predicted to be triggered by a special event – for instance, you feel familiar with a place which you just visited the first time…it could be the place where you had lived in the past life. The memories may appear in dreams/nightmares or during meditation. We recommend you to have a session with a certified past life regression therapist if yearning to recall a past life.

What is past life regression therapy? This holistic therapy is a method that basically works with the human’s body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Based on the principles of karma (cause and effect), there’s a theory states that your reactions and the way you respond to problems are chiefly formed in the past. A skilled therapist can guide you back to a time before birth in this life to discover the root causes of issues you may be experiencing in the present and heal them. The problems can relate to chronic illnesses, phobias, relationship issues, recurring nightmares, etc.

On one hand, the conventional psychotherapy mainly focuses on the present life and rarely accesses to a problem’s source. The ‘talk’ therapy often works based on an intellectual basic; also, it doesn’t allow for the transformation coming from unlocking experiences and deep emotions stored in an individual’s cellular memory; that’s why it takes this method so long to produce results. On the other hand, past life regression therapy helps one understand and feel the source of their problems in a much deeper level but still speeding up the healing process.

Through all the past life regression stories you discovered during the session, you’re able to develop your full potential, create more compassion and love for yourself and other people, as well as unlock hidden talents. The memories can reveal your life purpose and explain the reason for incarnating to help you get over the fears. Nowadays, this therapy is used to supersede other methods as it provides more profound perspective on the meaning of life.

When you understand your past lives, your present life will become so much more sense. Let’s find out “What is Past Life Regression” so that you can make more empowered decisions later.

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