What Is Past Life Regression?

Have you ever wondered what is past life regression? Past life regression is a fascinating area of spirituality which can guide us back to our past lives and help us find the lessons those lives have for our present. Past life regression is really interesting, but more than that it can be a valuable tool for healing and transformation in the present.

What is past life regression?

Many people and many schools of thought throughout time have taught that we live more than one life. Mystics have contemplated where we come from and what happens after death since time immemorial, and with good reason. By unlocking the mysteries of life and death, we can better understand why we are here, how we came to be here, and what we can learn that can help us to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Past life regression involves going back and finding out about your past lives. For many people this is fascinating – imagine knowing where your soul was before it came here? But it can be more than that. Past life regression can actually unlock useful information on what is going on in your life today.

Is past life regression real?

What Is Past Life Regression

If you’re wondering is past life regression real, the answer is yes it is, and it can be useful in a very real and practical sense here and now today. We don’t always remember our past lives, although there are certainly people who are born with an awareness of their past lives and there have been countless stories of children having knowledge they couldn’t possibly have, as if they were just born in it. The awareness of past lives can also cause deja vu, and the sense of connection with a place that you haven’t been to before.

Yet even though we don’t often remember our past lives, they are still there, affecting our future today. Past lives are a bit like carry on luggage – they can equip you for your new journey, or hinder you if you forget to pack something important. The resonance of our actions and experiences in a past life still resonates today and can affect your present and your future. For example:

  • You drowned in a past life and have a crippling fear of water
  • A relationship ended badly in a past life and now you have trouble attracting a good mate
  • You were a healer in a past life and are working towards becoming a doctor today
  • You fell in love with a certain location in a past life and feel a strong draw to it in this life
  • You were best friends with someone in a past life and feel an instant recognition when you meet them in this life

What can my past tell me about my present?

Past life regression can help to find out what your soul’s past looked like, and apply it to the present. If you’re wondering what is past life regression, it’s more than just finding out about your previous lives, it’s a fantastic way to find out if they are still affecting you today. By understanding the past, you can heal and let go of any fears and issues from then. By knowing where your current passions and interests come from, you can decide if it’s right for you to continue your soul’s work in this life or if you’d be more comfortable taking a different route.

When you understand your past lives, your present life will begin to make so much more sense. Past life regression is a gift you can give to yourself today to make more sense of your life and make more empowered decisions for you.

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