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Who Does Past Life Regression that Can Help You Overcome Phobias?

Are you struggling with many problems in the current life? If you look for a method that enables you to solve difficulties you’re facing, we highly recommend you to learn about ‘Past Life Regression’. This technique is believed to recover memories of previous lives and find the root causes for one’s fears, phobias, and even physical ailments in the present day lives. So, “Who Does Past Life Regression“? Can that person be able to help you overcome all the problems? For more information, please read on:

It’s true that many people, nowadays, turn to past life regression to understand more about their true selves. Discovering previous lives is always a fascinating way to uncover the source of unusual attachments or personality traits of an individual. Normally, a certified past-life regression therapist will help bringing you to different periods before your birth in this present lifetime. Are you curious to find out who you had been in a previous incarnation? Past life regression is an efficient method that can heal your issues and direct new purpose for your current life.

What Can You Discover in the Regression?

Find a Past Life Regression Therapist

During the process, you can:

  • Discover the source of physical ailments
  • Discover the source of phobias and fears
  • Discover the source of attachments to places, people, and objects
  • Learn more about your soul’s path
  • Learn more about your karmic path with people who have interacted with you through multiple lifetimes

Is this technique true, accurate? Though there are several existing ways that can help you recall past lives, people find trust and peace when receiving the genuine supports of past life regression method. Now, there’s still no definitive proof proving what you experience during a regression session is factual; however, there have been lots of cases where the seekers have been able to verify the facts discovered while attending the ‘Past Life Regression Readings‘. For those who don’t know, the experienced therapists tend to offer a wide array of techniques to help you gain insights into the past lives, such as:

  • Hypnotherapy – When seeking regression hypnotherapy, you need to work only with experienced professional who can deliver a process safely and assist you with any psychological or spiritual issues resulting from the session. These types of professionals like psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, regression circles, or online services can give you help.
  • Self-hypnosis – You can recall the past lives with this simple method: find a quite, dark place, always keep your mind comfortable, then close your eyes and spend a few minutes relaxing. The first goal is to clear your mind of all random thoughts, distractions, and worries. Next, bring your breathing to an even flow so that you can easily fall into a meditate state. If you succeed in the relaxation step, you mind will be open to past life memories or psychic thoughts gradually.

Before going into a meditative trance, you may consider doing a white light protection meditation to prevent negative energy that is nearby. Let your mind wander and never dismiss any thoughts you have while being in this state. Remember to record the thoughts you had while you were under.

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