Who Was I in My Past Life?

Who was I in my past life? This is usually the question asked by people who have a lot of changes facing in life. It is a fact that people change every year especially when it comes to their attitude and lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle and attitude in a proper way is truly the best one compared to those people who change in a wrong way.

Nowadays, it is crucial to change things in your life in order to overcome your fear and to reach your goals. In this case, in the past life of the people, there are many things that are needed to be changed or improved so that they will live with full of happiness and satisfaction..

Who Was I in My Past Life?

Who were you in a past life? Actually, most of the people in the world have bad memories in their past life so that’s why they choose to make their life busy and focused in the present. Generally, living or forgetting bad memories in the past is difficult. Due to these bad memories, some people choose to make their life miserable which is not good.

But, there are also some people who have memorable memories in their life that they will never forget. Having these happy memories can help a certain person to live in a happy life. There are times that they think of it just to relieve their mood swings and issues from their work.

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The question “who was I in my past life” allow you to remember again all the good and bad memories in your past life. Remembering your past is also significant because all the happenings in your life have a purpose from God. He knows that there are no challenges or problems that cannot you cannot overcome. These challenges that he gave to us can really measure if how we handle a certain situation and give it an immediate solution.

There are times that it can change the life a certain person especially when they realize that there are such things which they need to do. This only means that all the problems that give challenge to people can truly give a lot of changes in their life. When talking about the past life of the people around the world, it actually comes with stories that can make them cry and happy.

In life, the word “challenge” always comes along. Both in the past and present life phases, there are challenges that can give you whether a positive or negative result. But, some people say that even though you have bad memories in your life, you should not totally forget it because you can assure to yourself that you have learned a lot of things from it.

It doesn’t mean that you must forget all bad memories in your life but always keep the memories that give you lessons and helpful thoughts in life. That’s why even if you have learned “who were you in a past life”, you should prepare yourself for any challenges that may come on your way and be grateful that you have successfully solved the problems you encountered.

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